using nutrition with illness

Beyond nutrition: using food with illness

Beyond Nutrition: using food with illness

There is without doubt, an increase in so called “western diseases” as a direct result of poor diets, fast, stressed lifestyles, and the “xenoestrogens” in pesticides, chemicals and common cleaning products we are exposed to every day. Furthermore, foods are now laden with refined sugars that tax our adrenals, intestines and immunity. Oestrogen dominance, Candida, Adrenal exhaustion and Chronic fatigue have all been associated with a diet rich in refined sugars.

At Inner Health Perth we use our extensive knowledge and experience to go beyond basic nutrition.

This workshop is designed for individuals who wish to live more successfully with chronic conditions, and want to eat the foods that compliment and not aggravate the symptoms. Learn how to eat a more nutritionally balanced diet by omitting certain “aggravating” foods and increasing “complimentary” foods for specific conditions, illnesses and requirements.

Course overview

Each workshop is targeted for each specific illness and will cover:
• Brief fundamentals of the symptoms/condition
• How specific foods affect health status
• Foods to eat/foods to avoid for specific symptoms/conditions

Note: this is designed for individuals learning to live more successfully with chronic conditions (eg: Coeliac, Immune deficiency, Diabetes, Hormonal imbalances, Candida infestation, Inflammatory bowel disease)

This course is theory based and will focus on individual requirements
Approx duration: 2.5 hours
Cost: $ 110.00