Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage has been widely used for centuries. This seated massage has become very popular because it is so versatile. Therefore, it is perfectly suited for home AND clinical use. In addition it can be adapted to suit office environments too. As a result it is an excellent choice for the corporate world

Indian Head Massage specifically focusses on acupressure points of the head, neck, face and shoulders.  This upper body massage stimulates our body’s “energy centres” or “chakras”. The most important ones in Indian Head Massage are the 3rd eye and crown chakras. These have an affinity with the Central Nervous and Endocrine systems. When these points are pressed, blocked energy is released. . As a result, our body is able to find its own balance and can function at its best. Consequently the person feels revitalised and invigorated.

At Inner Health Perth, our Indian Head Massage workshop combines theory and practical components to give you a greater understanding of just how it works. You will learn the techniques used by Narendra Mehta, the blind osteopath and massage therapist responsible for bringing Indian Head Massage to the western world.

Indian Head Massage. Course overview

• Brief introduction on how Indian Head Massage came to Western Society
• Discuss why we use it and what symptoms we use it for
• Talk about possible contra-indications
• Practical component working in pairs to go through technique

Approx duration:- 4 hours

Receive a certificate of attendance on completion

Cost: $ 150.00 per person

• All course duration times are approximate
• Please arrive 10 mins early as we like to start on time
• Bring pen, pencil, writing paper and lunch with you
• Tea, coffee, herbal teas and snacks will be available during the session
• Please come casually dressed as this course requires some practical application

To book an appointment for an Indian Head massage with our natural health therapist please contact us