foot reflexology

Introduction to foot reflexology

Introduction to Reflexology

Reflexology is recognised throughout the world as an energy based natural therapy.

We have nearly all heard of this “energy”, “chi” or “life force” that flows throughout our bodies. Energy work has profound beneficial effects on a person’s psyche. When this energy is blocked from free flow, it is left to stagnate. It is believed that disease and illness are then able to manifest, and physical symptoms are experienced.

Reflexology is a subtle, non-invasive natural therapy that shifts blocked energy. We have specific zones within our bodies that this energy flows through. Subsequently, the zones within our feet all correlate to a specific body part. By pressing on these specific “reflex” zones on the foot, the blocked energy is released and normal energetic flow is resumed. Physically, the central nervous system is stimulated and encouraged to find its own natural balance. Once this occurs, gradually all other body systems come into alignment. The overall result is a feeling of complete wellness.

Our reflexology workshop will provide the knowledge to give all participants a greater understanding of how reflexology works, both physically and energetically.

Course overview

• Theory based
• Introducing reflexology
• Brief history
• Why it is used
• Ailments it treats
• Contra-indications
• Discuss/demonstrate zones (longtitudinal and horizontal)
• Demonstrate points for relaxation
• Discuss/demonstrate points for immune responses
• Demonstrate points for digestion

Approx duration:- 4.5 hours
Certificate of attendance upon completion
Cost: $ 110.00 per person


• All course duration times are approximate
• Please arrive 10 mins early as we like to start on time
• Please bring pen, pencil, writing paper and lunch with you
• Tea, coffee, herbal teas and snacks will be available during the session
• Please come casually dressed as this class will demonstrate some practical element

To book an appointment for a reflexology session with our natural health therapist, please contact us