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Introduction to nutrition

An Introduction to Nutrition

The aim of our nutrition education program is to make you more aware of the need for balanced nutritional eating. This introductory course gives you the basic tools so you will understand how to select a wholesome, balanced and varied eating plan. By making and implementing a nutritionally balanced diet it will improve your gut function, rid your body of any underlying symptoms, and restore health, wellness and vitality inside and out.

Course overview

• Brief summary on basic digestion and absorption
• Carbohydrates: what are they/ what do they do?
• Proteins: what are they/what do they do?
• Fats: what are they/what do they do?
• Carbohydrate rich foods
• Protein rich foods
• Fat rich foods
• How to achieve weight loss without dieting
• How to eat sensibly for optimal health

This workshop is theory based                                                                                                     A certificate of attendance will be given upon completion                                                                     Approx duration: 4.5 hours                                                                                                                         Cost: $ 140.00

• All course duration times are approximate
• Please arrive 10 mins early as we like to start on time
• Bring pen, pencil, writing paper and lunch with you
• Tea, coffee, herbal teas and snacks will be available during the session

To book an individual nutritional consult with our practitioner please contact us