muscle stretching for flexibility

Introduction to muscle stretching for flexibility


We are all very aware of how important muscle stretching is for our overall flexibility. But today’s lifestyles are fast paced and finding time is often so rare. We find ourselves rushing either to work, or school and from one task to another. As a result we very rarely just take the time to sit, breathe and slow down our pace of life, and ultimately rest our bodies and minds. Oxygen is needed to pump the blood cells carrying our nutrients around our bodies. At the same time, our lymphatic vessels are carrying waste to special “stations” within the body to be eliminated.

When we are stressed, or rushing, our breathing becomes shallow. As a result the blood isn’t pumped round effectively and “waste” products build up and collect in our tissues and organs. This results in tired, aching muscles and joints. Ultimately we need to practice and incorporate stretches in our daily lives to assist flexibility within our muscles.

Inner Health Perth use their experience to bring you our Muscle Stretching workshop. You will learn simple yet effective stretches that you can use at home ANY time to help de-stress and remove the toxins and waste products that build up in our muscle fibres. These techniques lead to flexibility within the muscles. Consequently it allows YOU to take control and manage your pain successfully.

Course overview

• Practical workshop
• Introduction to some main muscles of the body
• Learn what each muscle’s purpose is
• Palpate each specific muscle
• Demonstrate stretches to support and flex each muscle

Approx duration 2.5 hrs
A certificate of attendance will be given upon completion
Cost: $120.00 per person per person

• All course duration times are approximate
• Please arrive 10 mins early as we like to start on time
• Tea, coffee, herbal teas and snacks will be available during the session
• Please come dressed in loose casual exercise clothing as this is a “hands on” practical class