eating a nutrition rich diet

Nutrition: you are what you eat

This nutrition workshop flows on from our Introduction to Nutrition workshop.

We are eating a much more processed, pre packed sugar rich diet as opposed to our ancestors that lived off the land and ate wholesome, fresh “pesticide and chemical” free foods.

These foods come at a price, to our overall health and wellbeing. They are highly acidic, which leads to inflammation and disorders of the intestinal tract. In addition, they are laden with refined sugars that cause weight gain and obesity, that may lead to diseases such as Insulin resistance and diabetes.

Lack of good nutrition, and a highly acidic and sugar rich diet will cause an imbalance of gut bacteria, which leads to inflammation of the intestines and symptoms such as IBS, bloating, constipation and diarrhoea. This makes our intestinal wall susceptible to a condition known as “leaky gut syndrome” and provides a perfect environment for invaders or “pathogens” to permeate through the gut wall into the cells. Once inside the cells, these pathogens simply wreak havoc on our bodies and we become incredibly sick, and immune compromised.

At Inner Health Perth we will apply our extensive knowledge and experience to go beyond basic nutrition. Furthermore we will advance into how certain foods should be avoided. In addition we will look at the implications it may have on long term health, especially when eaten regularly.

Course overview

• Food grouping at meal times and how to eat effectively throughout the day
• Introduction to vitamins and minerals
• How deficiencies affect our health
• Hidden nasties in every day foods
• How some promoted foods are bad for you/foods to avoid
• Planning meal times/what foods to eat at each meal
• Strict diets (vegetarians, vegans, coeliac, diabetes)

This workshop is theory based
Pre-requisite: Introduction to nutrition
A certificate of attendance will be given upon completion
Approx duration: 4 hours
Cost: $ 140.00

• All course duration times are approximate
• Please arrive 10 mins early as we like to start on time
• Bring pen, pencil, writing paper and lunch with you
• Tea, coffee, herbal teas and snacks will be available during the session

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