Natural Therapies



                             Natural Therapies offered at Inner Health Perth

Here at Inner Health Perth, we believe in the “hands on” approach. We have a range of natural therapies that we offer as individual consults. In addition to our “one on one” natural therapies, we run informal, educational workshops. Now everyone can benefit and be given the education and tools needed to take control their own health and wellbeing.

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Nutrition for wellness:

We are all familiar with the benefits natural therapies can do to enhance our wellness. But there is another very important avenue we need to consider if ultimate wellness is to be achieved and that is one of nutrition.

Optimal gastro intestinal function is the key to our internal and overall health. Our livers process and distribute all that enters our digestive systems. The more we tax our livers, the more stressed they become, until eventually, they start to breakdown, and illness ensues. Sugars, processed, refined foods, and hidden “nasties” in so called “good foods” puts unnecessary strain on our livers and digestive systems. This has a very negative impact on our immune system. Combined with the chemicals, preservatives and additives that are incorporated into a range of foods and lack of nutrition in our soils, it is hardly surprising that “Western Diseases” are on the increase. We are far more unwell and unhealthy than our predecessors, who relied on the rich, fertile, untreated land to provide their food.

At Inner Health Perth, we are presented with a vast range of disorders that all respond favourably to sensible and balanced nutrition. Whether you want to regain optimum health and wellness, or simply get advice on how to incorporate a sensible lifelong, achievable eating plan, Inner Health Perth is here to help.

Our aim is to give you the information so you will be able to implement sensible, nutritional choices. Through either individual consults or our nutritional education programs we will present you with a wholesome, balanced and varied eating plan. These will help rid your body of any hidden, underlying symptoms or disease. Furthermore, it will improve your gut function and restore health, wellness and vitality inside and out.

Massage and exercise:

Muscles need to be stretched and exercised regularly to enable them to perform each unique movement to its optimal function. Over exertion, poor nutrition, stress, and lack of exercise all affect a muscle’s mobility and its range of movement.

At Inner Health Perth, we will use our extensive knowledge and experience to apply a range of deep tissue/remedial techniques to alleviate the stress and build up of toxic waste in each specific muscle fibre. In addition to this, we use our knowledge of exercise physiology and work with you and your body’s capability to demonstrate and apply a range of stretches and techniques that you can implement at home, that will reduce the risk of damage to that specific muscle group. The more we stretch, the more flexibility a muscle acquires, and the less chance we have of an injury occurring.

Please click on the link to view our stretching for health and flexibility workshop.

 Aromatherapy:- Clinical and Holistic:

Essential oils have been used since early times to help with a range of symptoms. Sandalwood, Myrrh and Frankincense were used for embalming purposes. Their chemical composition enables them to work both on a holistic level (i.e: calms the mind and emotions) and a clinical level (i.e: helping to open up airways to assist breathing). There are various ways to use essential oils and here at Inner Health Perth we want to give everyone the opportunity to experience the huge range of benefits these aromatic compounds can provide, and the various routes of application.

We offer “aromatherapy” massages using essential oils blended together as a unique product tailor made to your specific clinical requirements and your own holistic health and wellbeing.

In addition to massage, Inner Health Perth runs 2 Aromatherapy workshops. Click on the link to find out more about our Introduction to Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Blending workshops.


We have nearly all heard of this “energy” that flows through our bodies. Energy work has profound beneficial effects on a person’s psyche. Reflexology is a subtle, energy based natural therapy. It is completely non-invasive, therefore a popular alternative to massage for non-tactile clients. By pressing on various “reflex” zones on the foot, the central nervous system is encouraged to find its natural homeostasis/point of wellness. Gradually, all other body systems come into alignment, blocked energy is released, and we experience a feeling of complete wellness.

At Inner Health Perth, we offer a course of reflexology sessions to encourage overall wellness.

In addition, we offer a short Introduction to Reflexology workshop for those who wish to know more about the benefits reflexology may bring.

Indian Head Massage:

This seated massage focusses on acupressure points of the head, neck, face and shoulders, and is becoming very popular in the Western world and in corporate offices due to its versatility.  It is believed that by pressing on these points, Indian Head Massage stimulates our body’s “chakras” or “energy centres”, specifically the ones controlling our Central Nervous and Endocrine systems. Blocked or stagnated energy is released, and our body is encouraged to find its own balance and function effectively, enabling the person to feel revitalised and invigorated. At the same time it reduces stress and promotes relaxation.

At Inner Health Perth we are pleased to offer this unique massage treatment. Please click on the link to view our Indian Head Massage workshop.


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